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Cookies are small strings of text that the sites visited by the user send to their terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored to then be resent to the same sites on the next visit by the same user.

Types of cookies used

Technical cookies

To be precise, the site installs the following cookies:

  • the so-called session cookies, the use of which is strictly functional to the optimisation of the use of the Site and is therefore solely suitable for ensuring the best browsing of the Site.  The session cookies used by this Internet site do not permit the acquisition of the personal identification data of the user.
  • Analytical cookies (specifically Google Analytics), used for exclusively statistical purposes, to analyse which pages are displayed most frequently by the visitors to the site, how long they remained at the site and their geographical area of affiliation. Suitable tools have been adopted to reduce the identification power of the aforementioned analytical cookie through the screening of significant portions of the IP address. The information acquired is used in aggregate form.

The site installs Hotjar which is an analytical cookie which, through the monitoring of the behaviour of the users of the site (clicks and other actions performed by the users, pages visited and time spent on the page, etc.), is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the site and more in general improving its usability by the visitors.
The information acquired through Hotjar is used in aggregate form and is not used to profile the users.
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Profiling cookies
The Site installs Woopra, used to track the operations made by the user on the Site. 
Woopra is an instrument which makes it possible to display the behaviour of the users of the Site in real time. It makes it possible to display the data of the users connected to the site in real time (country, city, IP) and know which page of the Site they are viewing and how long they stayed on it. Woopra furthermore makes it possible to know the history of the actions that the user has performed on the Site. One of the Woopra functions is the user tag. When the user provides their personal data in the forms located on the site, Woopra can tag the session of the generic user who from that moment will be recognised by that tag. This way, the user will have a first and last name and the actions they perform on the Site will be tracked.
The installation of this type of cookies requires the consent of the user. The user must express their willingness and should they not make any choice and decide to continue browsing this Site anyway, they will agree to the use of that cookie.
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Third party cookies
This Site does not install or use third party cookies but permits their transmission to the user’s terminal.
To be specific, the cookies that the third parties can install on the user’s terminal come from YouTube and Google Maps. 
For more information relative to the cookies used by YouTube and Google Maps, please see the site:

How do I disable cookies?

Most of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) are configured to accept cookies, but they also allow them to be disabled in their settings.
It must however be pointed out that disabling the cookies could cause the Internet site to malfunction.
In any case, the user has the right to disable the use of the cookies by selecting the appropriate setting on the browser.

Internet Explorer:

To disable the analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing, you can download the browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics:

To disable Hotjar:
To disable the YouTube cookies
To disable the Google Maps cookies
To disable the Woopra cookies

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