Vandal proof screws for security

In recent years, Berardi Bullonerie has specialized in the sale of security screws.
These high-resistance screws protect equipment and devices against tampering.
These are products made of stainless steel to ensure high corrosion resistance and maintain their excellent mechanical characteristics. 

The wide sale of these screws includes their use in the following contexts.

Public buildings and places

  • schools
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • airports
  • railway stations
  • elevators
  • public park benches

In our houses

  • appliances
  • radios
  • televisions
  • door and window fixtures
  • taps
  • bath accessories
  • intercoms
  • video intercoms


  • computers
  • typewriters
  • alarm systems
  • fire extinguishing systems
  • vending machines

Road safety

  • traffic lights
  • road signs
  • road indication panels

Public transportation

  • seat fastening


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