Custom products according to the customer’s drawing

Berardi Bullonerie supplies special items according to the customer’s drawing in order to satisfy every need for non-standard screws and fasteners.
The skill and experience of the Technical Office staff ensures the best assistance in choosing the most suitable solution for every need..

With this service we can provide:

  • special products with materials in the main types found on the market
  • hot and cold moulded parts
  • turned parts
  • parts produced with  machines with cams, CNC and the use of multi-spindle turning lathes
  • many types of coating and thermal treatments

This service also includes:

  • execution of specific designs per customer request
  • search for qualified suppliers for special items
  • definite execution time
  • customized quality control
  • technical certification
  • management of custom product stock with staggered, programmed deliveries