From consulting to assistance: we take care of our customers

Berardi’s business guidelines are to reach maximum efficiency in order to ensure the customer quick and functional procurement of metal hardware.
With this goal in mind, our staff responds to the customer’s needs, ensuring support during any phase of the relationship.

Customer Care

A team of 30 individuals is ready to help customers with any need, involving the responsible departments as needed.

Technical Office

The technical staff is made up of 10 competent individuals available for specialized consulting and to support the customer.
Carefully listening to the customer’s requests and collaborating with them to find the best solution is how we work and allows us to:

  • suggest fastening systems suitable for every need
  • perform custom special parts
  • suggest the proper treatments and processes for certain products

Pre and post-sales support

The presence of over 80 sales professionals throughout Italy ensures complete customer service in choosing the most suitable solution.
The sales staff assists the customer throughout the entire purchase process, maintaining direct contact even after the sale, to ensure constant support if needed.