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Our commitment, passion, and professionalism allows our customers to “forget” about the management of the class C parts. We aim to become a reference point, well known in the market, able to innovate to anticipate its needs. A push to look beyond characterises us through each generation.


Berardi Bullonerie’s mission is to support customers in breaking down the overall cost of procurement and we achieve this by suggesting and sharing technical solutions, developing innovative services that cut management costs and offering an ever wider range of products allowing customers to reduce the number of suppliers.

This is achieved every day by the individuals who work with us and who we wish to maintain and help grow through personal satisfaction and motivation.

For this reason we are committed to:

  • leverage the special traits of each employee
  • adapt operating conditions and make them comfortable
  • organize and promote training sessions for personal and professional growth


“We sell more than iron fasteners, we also sell the added value provided by Berardi Bullonerie employees. This is a group of companies that invoices tens of millions of euros but maintains the structure, mentality, style, humility, and passion of a small craftsman.”
Giovanni Berardi, owner

Berardi Bullonerie: Numbers, facts, and people

2023 turnover in euros
over 107 million
(Group € 123.000.000)

Items in stock

Items/year managed
130 thousand

(Group 311)

Sales staff
(Group 73)


(and 4 subsidiary)

lines handled per year

Loyalty from over

Optimizing times and costs

“We combine the idea of lowering the amount of costs between the customer and supplier with a series of logistics solutions that allow the elimination of all hidden costs in the procurement of our product”
Giovanni Berardi, owner

Concrete solutions and results

For Berardi Bullonerie, customer care is shown through activities with great added value:

  • Variety and breadth of the line 
  • Reduction in lead time and in the customer’s warehouse stock
  • Definite and punctual delivery times
  • Product inspections: The quality team selects, inspects, and guarantees all products thanks to the advanced instruments in the internal laboratory.
  • Products are also guaranteed by strict supplier selection criteria
  • Technical and business consulting with dedicated and personalized customer care 
  • Reduction in time and simplification of purchase methods for products with a low unit cost, with technical and logistics consulting
  • Solving technical problems with the contribution of a team of dedicated individuals to help the customer in choosing the best solutions

Kanban System

Customers receive warehouse stock directly on the production line at the intervals and in the quantities established during the service planning phase, in which the Berardi team assists the customer in finding winning and competitive solutions.

Among the many advantages, the most important ones are:

  • reduction in procurement management costs
  • safety in maintaining minimum stock
  • elimination of the warehouse on the customer’s premises
KanbanUp:la rivoluzione della semplicità per le forniture just-in-time
KanbanUp:la rivoluzione della semplicità per le forniture just-in-time

Since 1919, an ongoing story

Berardi Bullonerie has been distributing fasteners and screws for four generations and has always been known for the high quality of its customer service.

The business began in 1919 with a small shop in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

In 1960, the shop became a distribution company and moved to a large equipped warehouse.

1984, with the transfer of the business to a 4,500 square meter warehouse with about 15 thousand items in stock, was the year that marked Berardi Bullonerie’s entry into the list of major Italian screw and fastener distribution companies.

In January 2003 , the company moved to its current office in Castel Guelfo (BO), organizing a 10.000 square meter  semi-automated warehouse,with 50.000 items in stock (130,000 on the books) and over 1,000,000 lines shipped each year.

A modern distribution centre

Berardi Bullonerie is one of the first companies in the industry to have obtained ISO 9002 Certification  in 1995.. Over the years the company has updated its Quality System according to the new editions of the reference standards.

Thanks to the breadth of its product range and its punctuality and promptness in responding to the customer’s needs, Berardi Bullonerie distributes its products to national and international customers belonging to various industries. 

The business guidelines are to reach maximum efficiency in order to ensure the customer quick and functional procurement of metal hardware.
The modern organization of the warehouse, dedicated software based on RF technology, transport network, and a team of individuals dedicated to customer care make Berardi Bullonerie a valued and reliable partner.



Guaranteed by our references

The best quality guarantee comes from our over 6000 customers, including: