The Berardi Bullonerie distribution system is comprised of a modern facility located in Castel Guelfo (BO), which holds the main offices (Management, Administration and Finance, Technical, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Information Systems) and a network of peripheral warehouses that cover the entire country.

New office

During 2017, Berardi will transfer  its main office to a new complex, a few hundred metres from the current location.

The new facility has a management centre with 1500 m2 of offices  and a warehouse of about 10000 m2..

The buildings were designed to maximize energy efficiency, paying close attention to optimization of the passive envelope and cutting-edge systems. The complex will be equipped with a photovoltaic roof with latest generation amorphous panels able to produce up to 200 kW, combined with a heat pump climate-control system for winter heating and summer cooling. The solutions will minimize the ecological footprint of the entire complex.

The structure, designed according to the most up-to-date antiseismic standards, will be equipped with antiseismic shelving and equipment to ensure the total safety of the employees and service continuity to our customers.

15 branches in Italy

From Milan to Bari, from Treviso to Caserta

You can count on our extended network of branches throughout Italy, in strategic locations, and ready to ensure immediate solutions to your urgent needs and prevent the unpleasant consequences of line downtime.

The Berardi Bullonerie branches are in Lombardy in Milan (MI), in Veneto in Treviso (TV) and Padova (PD); in Emilia-Romagna in Reggio Emilia (RE), Anzola Emilia (BO), and Rimini (RN); in Tuscany in Chiesina Uzzanese (PT); in Marche in Ancona (AN); in Lazio in Frosinone (FR); in Puglia in Bari (BA); and in Campania in Caserta (CE). All are equipped with warehouses containing thousands of items in stock.

All of the warehouses mentioned are connected in real time with the over 10.000 m2 central, semi-automated warehouse at the Castel Guelfo (BO) facility thanks to the support of a dedicated computer system that manages availability and the quick sending of over 50.000 prompt delivery items.

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Berardi Bullonerie: Numbers, facts, and people

2023 turnover in euros
over 107 million
(Group € 123.000.000)

Items in stock

Items/year managed
130 thousand

(Group 311)

Sales staff
(Group 73)


(and 4 subsidiary)

lines handled per year

Loyalty from over

Giovanni Berardi, owner

“We sell more than iron fasteners, we also sell the added value provided by Berardi Bullonerie employees. This is a group of companies that invoices tens of millions of euros but maintains the structure, mentality, style, humility, and passion of a small craftsman.”

Individuals and departments

A network of 80 sales agents throughout Italy helps the customer during the pre and post sales phases.

A team of 30 individuals dedicated to customer care.

A technical staff made up of 10 people ready to assist the customer with the most varied solutions and with the study and execution of special custom parts.

The Berardi Bullonerie purchase office is a team of 5 individuals that 

  • ensures a qualified set of suppliers with the collaboration of the Quality Office
  • programs the level of stock in the warehouse
  • continuously verifies the best quality/price ratio

In support of the purchasing team, the Quality Office verifies that the incoming product meets the required specifications.

Solid and dynamic logistics organization

Management of such a complex organization is maintained by software and hardware that work together to create an efficient hi-tech system, active in all warehouses

This allows:

  • extreme flexibility and computerisation
  • precise batch traceability
  • origin traceability for most items

In this way, we are able to quickly meet the specific needs of the most demanding customers in terms of customised labelling, data exchange, real-time information sharing, and Kanban and Kanban Up service management.

Innovation, research, and development since 1919

1919 The year in which Giulio Berardi opened a screws and bolts shop in the heart of Bologna.

Since then, the business has been under continuous development, requiring more energy and space.

In 1960, Berardi Bullonerie transformed itself from a small shop to a large, equipped warehouse and reference point for all of Emilia Romagna.

1984 marked another change. With partnerships with large, national Italian companies, the sales network was enlarged and warehouses sprang up all over Italy.

In 2003, the headquarters moved to Castel Guelfo and in 2006 , the Berardi Bullonerie group was born following the purchase of certain competitors.

Continuous investments in logistics and the research and development of innovative services make us an ideal partner for the management of class “C” hardware.

A dedicated team works with the customer to analyse the procedures and the manufacturing flows that can be improved, developing the ideal “integrated” logistics solution using a collaborative approach..

With this approach, we provide our customers with:

  • considerable savings
  • reduction of problems related to the management of these materials