Fastening and installation systems for Industrial Machinery and Systems

Berardi Bullonerie is the supplier of fastening and mounting systems for numerous companies in industrial sector..

We are a leader in supplying screws, fasteners, and pins for the production of

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  • systems for processing ceramic and wood
  • steel working machinery
  • equipment for industrial cooking
  • automatic lines for packaging or assembly of vehicles
  • packaging systems for the pharmaceutical industry or the tobacco industry
  • production lines for the textile industry

Customers and applications

We provide our service and items to companies that, to name a few, make automatic handling mechanisms for steel products, food service equipment, professional bakeries and pastry shops, as well as textile machinery.

The Berardi technical office can offer advice, support, and collaboration in  planning and customizing solutions for unique machines, creating elements according to a technical drawing, useful, for example, in planning and manufacturing systems for the production of tiles, sanitary fixtures, and bricks, as well as for wood working or the packaging of food and beverages.

Custom products according to the customer’s drawingTreatments and processes

The best quality guarantee comes from our over 6,000 customers, including:

  • well-known companies in the Emilia Romagna Motor Valley
  • leading international groups in the production of systems for  packaging and automation
  • companies manufacturing  machines for the ceramic, textile, and steel industries




Integrated Logistics

Line production requires constant procurement of materials. For this reason we know how important it is to provide a careful and precise logistics service that can facilitate stock management.

Our specialized team studies the ideal logistics solution with you, based on the needs of the production chain, internal procedures, and the configuration of the area involved in the service, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in supplying the material needed.

Our Kanban logistics service, in particular, is designed specifically to optimize the manufacturing chain, preventing unexpected events and emergencies that could interrupt it or slow it down.

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