Industrial components catalogue

About 10 years ago we recognized that we needed to help our customers reduce the management of too many suppliers. We understood that it would be essential for customers to have a single point of reference for purchasing different products.

Our passion, enthusiasm, and desire to meet a concrete need for our customers led to investing resources and energy to develop and implement this project. Today, along with springs we added the following to our Extracomponents offer: fittings, lifting items, anti-vibration items, gaskets, cable glands, spacers, and handling elements. These are just a few of the items that we are able to supply our customers.

Cable glands, cable clamps

  • plastic cable glands
  • plastic lock nuts
  • plastic plugs
  • plastic compensating valves
  • metal cable glands
  • metal lock nuts
  • metal plugs
  • metal compensating valves
  • sealing rings
  • plastic cable clamps
  • metal fittings

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Electric terminals

  • terminals
  • connectors
  • cable lugs
  • tools

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Hose clamps and cable ties

  • plastic cable ties
  • plastic cable tie holder
  • metal hose clamps

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Cable management

  • wire/cable clips
  • twist lock clips
  • cable grommets and clamps

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