Captive screws

Captive screws and washers

Berardi Bullonerie has a wide range of captive screws. These screws ensure extreme security because they cannot loosen since they are attached using pressure or together with the corresponding washer.

After installation, the captive washer is attached to the reduced area of the shaft while remaining completely mobile.  Since the screw offers enough play, this version is suitable in the event of frequent maintenance.

Regarding captive screws, Berardi supplies products compliant with EU 2006/42/EC, able to meet the security and access limitations requirements set in the new Machinery Directive..

The mounting system for captive screws can be customized based on the customer’s needs. The mounting system can also be custom-made to the specific desired thickness. Captive screws and washers are produced with special materials and with steel (in standard A2). 

Some types of captive screws

Hex Head Screw

Hexagon socket cylindrical head screw

Semi-round screw with internal hexagon

Captive washer