Flexibility and reliability: 50.000 items in stock, selected for you

Simple and Flexible: we anticipate your needs

The success of a large company depends on its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to the opportunities offered by the market.

Berardi Bullonerie ensures the supply of a wide range of products selected from among the hundreds of manufacturers of fasteners, springs, anchors, hose clamps, etc., whether standard or custom made, in order to provide you with flexible service. In fact, we supply:

  • products that you use the most, quickly and reliably 
  • special items that allow you to acquire new market segments and make the difference compared to your competitors

All of our supplier research and inspection work is aimed at ensuring maximum product quality and constant efficiency. 

Trusting in Berardi for all of your  fasteners, screws, and metal hardware, whether unified or custom, is  safe and advantageous  because:

  • you reduce administrative and management costs, by dealing directly with a primary supplier
  • you can count on the efficiency of a consolidated distribution system
  • the quality of the products is guaranteed by Berardi Bullonerie
  • you can expand your market with new types of items

Purchase Office

The Berardi purchase office is a team of 5 expert and competent individuals, which: 

  • ensures the qualification of the suppliers
  • programs the rotation of the warehouse stock
  • continuously verifies the best quality/price ratio

In support of the purchasing team, the Quality Office verifies that the incoming product meets the required specifications..

We select the most reliable manufacturers for each item

Unified Fasteners

over 50.000 items in stock

Our standard products are frequently responsible for effectively fastening and securing our customers’ highly technological “assemblies”.

For each item we choose the most qualified manufacturers, selected according to strict quality criteria.

We have over 50.000 standard items available in stock, for prompt delivery, plus the other items in our catalogue.

When safety is important

Anti-loosening applications, captive screws, NORD-LOCK washers and nuts, vandal proof screws: these are the solutions we offer our customers who need to purchase fasteners with a high degree of security.


We can offer a range of over 23,000 types of springs, suitable for any merchandise sector, thanks to our partnership with Lee Spring, leader in spring supply.
The significant advantages for our customers from this exclusive partnership include:

  • Minimum order quantity (minimum of 5 pieces)
  • Quick and guaranteed delivery times: each order that arrives at the company by 12:00 will be fulfilled the same day

The selection ranges from 0.127 mm to 15.88 mm wire.
Each item includes: 

  • ultrasound cleaning treatments
  • passivation
  • powder coating
  • thermal treatment
  • polishing

Plus, our technical department is ready to offer custom solutions with materials and treatments upon request.

Dowels and anchors

We provide light and extended fasteners: from the universal nylon dowels to those specifically for plasterboard, concrete, and door and window frames in general.
Our assortment of dowels and anchors of every kind is capable of satisfying even extreme requirements in terms of sealing and reliability.
We have a wide variety of heavy anchors or scaffolding anchors, as well as chemical anchors including clamps, insulating materials, and professional tips.

Hose clamps, plastic fasteners and wiring

Hose clamps designed to ensure maximum strength, with or without screw, optimal solutions for cabling, cable glands, and cable stoppers.

Berardi Bullonerie is an authorized distributor to various manufacturers of fastening and wiring materials, clips, shaft stops, and connections for pipes and cables.

Hydraulic and pneumatic accessories

Thanks to our partnership with leading companies in this industry, we have a wide assortment of undisputed quality products: fittings, adapters, quick couplings, clamps, bolts, pressure gauges, end, filling and venting plugs, and oil level rods and indicators.

Operating and clamping elements

A vast catalogue of knobs, handwheels, hand grips, handles, cranks and many other items. We offer solutions for different types and sizes of installation, with smooth or threaded bushes or with threaded stud bolts, to be fitted to various applications.

Guaranteed by our references

The best quality guarantee are our over 6000 customers, including numerous companies that are part of the most varied industries