Fastening systems for the automation industry

Berardi offers its customers a wide assortment of fasteners, screws, and all fastening elements, both unified or according to the customer’s drawing, and is the ideal partner for companies in the automation sector.

We provide the best solutions for supplying the items needed for production, such as:

  • automation systems for industrial and civil road access
  • urban and railway traffic signal lights
  • electronic components
  • robotics

Custom and efficient service

Besides the range of products that is available, our fundamental strengths are our years of experience helping customers in the industry and the relationship that we develop directly with the manufacturing department. These aspects allow us to be aware of the real needs of the companies involved in automation and to be able to provide a 100% custom and efficient service.

The ideal logistics solution

Line production requires constant procurement of materials. For this reason we know how important it is to provide a careful and precise logistics service that can facilitate stock management.

Our specialized team studies the ideal logistics solution with you, based on the needs of the production chain, internal procedures, and the configuration of the area involved in the service, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in supplying the material needed.

Our Kanban logistics service, in particular, is designed specifically to optimize the manufacturing chain, preventing unexpected events and emergencies that could interrupt it or slow it down.

Discover the service

Quality references

Witnesses to this success are the over 6000 customers, including:

  • well-known manufacturers of automation systems for gates, doors, rolling shutters, and bars
  • companies that build robots and devices for the creation of automated systems
  • developers of electronic equipment and control devices