Lee Spring springs

Since 2010, Berardi Bullonerie has been partnering with the American company Lee Spring, a leader in supplying custom springs and catalogue springs with great technical features. 
Lee Spring is a “young” company, almost 100 years old, with its main office in New York, plus 4 other manufacturing facilities in the USA and branches in Mexico, China, India, and Great Britain. It creates springs in the most technical materials and with treatments upon request, managing approximately 24,000 spring codes, all available in the warehouse.

Berardi has selected 3.000 Lee Spring spring codes among the most common ones.
Visit the Lee Spring website to view the full range available.

The flexibility in creating springs according to the customer’s drawing makes Lee Spring able to resolve problems for those working in technical, manufacturing, and purchasing departments.

If you cannot find the spring you are looking for, or a valid alternative, from among the 24,000 codes in the catalogue, request a design offer and you will quickly receive an offer including all of the technical information needed.

Technical manufacturing capacity

The manufacturing capacity for Lee Spring catalogue springs starts from a wire diameter of 0.127 mm up to 9.982 mm based on the type of spring. The products already include ultrasonic cleaning, passivation, powder coating, thermal treatment, and polishing. 
The materials used range from harmonic steel to a series of alloys, including 316 and 17-7 stainless steel, Inconel 600, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, and Hastelloy.

Shipping and supply limits

With Lee Spring you are free of manufacturing limits for all catalogue springs; you can even order quantities of only 5 springs!

The base for shipping of products to the Berardi Bullonerie warehouses is the Lee Spring London facility, which has vast warehouses with all catalogue material in stock.

A partnership at your advantage

In short, Berardi has chosen Lee Spring for the following reasons:

  • the availability of a range of more than 24,000 items
  • the prompt delivery due to the high stock of springs in the warehouse
  • the opportunity for difficult to find parts
  • , catalogue items that are always available without forecast commitments and minimum orders in the medium/long term
  • the ability to create springs in the shapes, materials, and treatments you request 
  • technical conformity of the products in numerous industries: aeronautics, automotive, surgical, electronics, etc.
  • technical support during design and assembly


Download the Lee Spring brochure in PDF format

Depliant Lee Spring spring