How to reduce warehouse management costs?

Integrated Logistics

Experience has taught us that logistics efficiency is the starting point for identifying and meeting the needs of each customer.
The headquarters of  Berardi Bullonerie, with their Technical, Quality, Kanban, and Purchasing departments, are combined with a multi-warehouse system that ensures efficiency, flexibility, and customer care with thorough and customized service.

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Take back Your time!

Thanks to integrated logistics services you can minimize waste and save the time and resources  used in the management of activities with low added value.

Advantages for your business:

Logistics consulting

Logistics flow traceability

Quick orders

Reduction in logistics chain costs

Custom packaging

Reduction of working capital

Lower costs with the Kanban service:

custom integrated logistics service

Abbatti i costi con i servizi Kanban di Berardi Bullonerie
Abbatti i costi con i servizi Kanban di Berardi Bullonerie

Our Kanban is a just-in-time order system that allows the externalization of the management of metal hardware and all class C items and the destination of precious internal human resources to activities with greater added value.
Customers with our Kanban service receive the material directly in production supermarkets or on the assembly line. Order frequencies and quantities are established during the service planning phase.



The experience of  over  200  case studies by the Berardi Bullonerie Kanban team allows us to  work with the customer during planning  of the services, offering efficient and custom solutions to  reduce waste  and  improve procurement flows, thus reducing costs and resources involved in the management of class C items.

Benefits of Kanban

Logistics and Production

  1. Reduction of stocks
  2. Elimination of out-of-stocks
  3. Less space used in the warehouse
  4. Reduction in handling costs and time
  5. More order and cleanliness
  6. Internal resources freed from logistics management
  7. Traceable consumption and usage statistics

For the purchase office

  1. Reduction in needs analysis
  2. Reduction in requests for offers
  3. Elimination of purchase orders
  4. Elimination of reminders
  5. Resources freed from the management of class C material purchase
  6. Less suppliers to manage
  7. Electronic Transport Document: load  the arriving material and download the purchase order automatically
  8. direct monitoring of consumption of external production 


the revolution of simplicity for just-in-time deliveries

KanbanUp:la rivoluzione della semplicità per le forniture just-in-time
KanbanUp:la rivoluzione della semplicità per le forniture just-in-time

In order to further simplify the supply of class C items, Berardi Bullonerie offers a new detection and control system for logistics systems for all of its customers using the integrated logistics system: KanbanUp.

What is it?
KanbanUp is the easy-to-use smartphone application for  loading your orders at maximum speed.

KanbanUp advantages

  1. sending orders from a smartphone or the website
  2. changing orders in real time
  3. the production departments can independently detect shortages
  4. reduction in procurement lead time and stock value
  5. control over the delivery status of materials to be restocked
  6. monitoring of the logistics system from any location
  7. email notification of the important stages of the supply process
  8. direct communication with the logistics staff
  9. Kanban container information updated in real time and remotely
  10. easy item traceability “no moving” or abnormal handling
  11. traceability of your consumption
  12. traceability of movements of individual container / department / line / workstation / operator
  13. you can integrate the data in your management system

Deliveries and Maintenance

The information shown on the label means no lost time in repositioning delivered material. The level of detail regarding the destination of the material is unprecedented.

  • FIFO container flow control
  • Rotation of containers and alignment to consumption

With KanbanUp, you can do all this  in real time!
Trust in Berardi Bullonerie’s experience with integrated logistics: a  dedicated staff and 11 facilities throughout Italy  are ready to offer you  custom service based on your company’s needs.

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Headquarters and warehouses

Berardi Bullonerie distributes its products to customers belonging to various merchandise sectors and located throughout the country, ensuring quick service and efficient procurement.

The Berardi Bullonerie distribution system is comprised of a modern facility located in Castel Guelfo (Bologna), which holds the main offices (Management, Administration and Finance, Technical, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Information Systems) and a network of 12 peripheral warehouses that cover the entire country.

Warehouses 2.0

11 warehouses in Italy: From Milan to Bari, from Treviso to Caserta

Management of such a complex organization is maintained by software and hardware that work together to create an efficient hi-tech system, active in all warehouses.

We are thus able to quickly meet the specific needs of the most demanding customers in terms of customized labelling, real-time information sharing and Kanban and Kanban Up service management.

You can count on our  extended network of branches throughout Italy, in strategic locations, and ready to ensure immediate solutions to your urgent needs and prevent the unpleasant consequences of line downtime.

The Berardi Bullonerie branches are in Lombardy in Milan, in Veneto in Treviso and Padova, in Emilia-Romagna in Reggio Emilia, Anzola Emilia and Rimini, in Tuscany in Altopascio, in Marche in Ancona, in Lazio in Frosinone, in Puglia in Bari and in Campania in Caserta. All are equipped with warehouses containing thousands of items in stock.

All of the warehouses mentioned are connected in real time with the over 10.000 m2 central, semi-automated warehouse at the Castel Guelfo (BO)  facility thanks to the support of a dedicated computer system that manages availability and the quick sending of over 50.000 prompt delivery items..

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